La Cornue

La Cornue is a French custom line that introduced the first chateau range in 1964. They offer custom made ranges in sizes ranging from about 3 feet wide all the way up to 6 feet wide. In addition, there are large island ranges, cabinets, and cooktops available as well. Tons of color options add to the customization. La Cornue specialized and focuses on cooking. For example, you can have dual ovens, one gas, and one electric.

You can also choose the cooktop configuration with options such as gas, electric, induction, and/or a French top.

The Chateau range is the luxury appliance for a kitchen. The top is fully customizable so you can pick induction, gas, French top, grill or griddle elements.

Their gas ovens have a natural convection with arched tops so air flows naturally without a fan assist. It is the best oven to bake.

You can spend $7,500 on a 36-inch wide range or go all the way up to $160k for a much larger and more elaborate La Cornue.

  • Strengths: The range
  • Rebates: None
  • Prices: $26,000-150,000. La Cornue only makes cooking products.

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