Delivery Information


We want you to have a wonderful experience with us from start to finish so that you can buy your appliance(s) with confidence! Here are some things you will need to know prior to the delivery of your purchase:

  • We will contact you, to schedule a day and time to deliver doing our best to make sure it is most convenient for you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about delivery (858) 201-9526.


Important Guidelines for Delivery

In order for the delivery process to go smoothly, you will need to prepare for the arrival of your appliance(s). You will have been contacted prior to the delivery to set up a date and schedule a time frame. Here are some important guidelines to follow which will help you be ready for the delivery date.

Standard Delivery Guidelines

  1. Purchases $599 and over affords you free delivery. For purchases under $499, there is a standard delivery charge of $69.99 Installation not included, please click here for installation options. PLEASE NOTE: Delivery charge for built-in refrigerators and ranges which are 36" and larger is $199.99.
  2. If you wish, we will take your appliance(s) to your curb or to the mouth of your driveway, at no additional charge. Curbside Delivery does not include unpacking, placement, installation, or plugging in of the appliance(s). Curbside delivery not available for BUILT-IN REFRIGERATORS! These refrigerators present a tipping hazard once removed from their shipping pallet.
  3. An adult 18 years of age or older must be present on the scheduled day of arrival.
  4. When your purchase arrives, make sure to examine the external and internal condition of the packaging and appliance(s) while our personnel are there with you.
  5. Wait to sign for your order until after you have completed your examination and are satisfied with the condition of your appliance(s).
  6. If your appliance(s) is received damaged, sign for the product as DAMAGED. Please bring our attention to the damage as soon as you see it, so we can also examine it with you! If there is damage of any kind, of our doing we will replace your appliance with the same or comparable unit, doing everything in our power to minimize your discomfort and wait.
  7. If there is damage of any kind, of our doing we will replace your appliance with the same or comparable unit, doing everything in our power to minimize your discomfort and wait.
  8. If you do not thoroughly examine your purchase at the time of delivery, it is important to do so as soon as possible. If you discover damage after you have signed for your delivery as clean and satisfactory, you must notify us of this damage within 48 hours of taking delivery. If you do not note the damage to your purchase when it is received and do not notify us of this damage within 48 hours thereafter, you will be responsible for return fees in the event of a return. Please call our Customer Service Department at: (858)-201-9526 or email us with your concerns: during our business hours:

Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 5:30 pm


                                                  How to Prepare for your Delivery

  1. You must follow all of the Standard Delivery Guidelines in addition to the following guidelines below.
  2. Please clear a wide enough path from the door to the installation room.*
  3. Remove doors, large furniture, or other obstacles which you feel may prevent a smooth transfer along the pathway into the installation location.
  4. Please be sure the installation location is clear for each appliance with more than generous space around the final resting area.
  5. If our delivery/installation experts must climb stairs to bring an appliance into your home, additional charges may apply. Please call us (858) 201-9526 to determine whether you will be charged. **
  6. Removable parts (such as doors) of a new appliance may be removed by our expert installers to allow for proper placement. There may be an additional charge for this service. **
  7. If doors or other parts of a new appliance must be removed, the appliance will be reassembled by our expert installers after it has been placed in its final location.

* Premier Appliance Store charges $40 per 15 minute increment to wait while the doors of your home are removed or paths through the house are cleared. If any additional charge is incurred, you will be charged we are there or the office will call to charge a credit card over the phone. 
** Charges for additional flights of stairs and/or removal of appliance doors, etc. will be collected at the time of delivery.  
Please Note: If failure to properly follow these guidelines prevents our services from being performed, we cannot refund delivery costs.