Gaggenau is also owned by Bosch as well. Gaggenau was founded in Germany in 1681. They have been on the cutting edge of style and technology and produce some of the finest appliances in the world. Bosch’s purchase of the company reinvigorated the brand by redesigning and restyling the product, essentially bringing the brand to its roots. Now Gaggenau is once again trendy and attractive with trend-setting products like steam ovens for example.

Gaggenau has had a convection steam oven long before Miele, Thermador, and Wolf, and it is still the best and most versatile. They also have a full surface induction cooktop so that you can use any size pan anywhere on the cooktop, up to 4 pans.

However, with Gaggenau, you have a very distinctive, industrial style designed by Bang & Olufsen. Your kitchen will be different looking with Gaggenau than any other brand.

  • Strengths: Style, wall ovens, plumbed steam oven, ventilation, induction, style
  • Rebates: None
  • How much for a Gaggenau kitchen? $30,000+

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